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Espanarab Dubai World Sailing Race

Third ESPANARAB round the World Race

The ESPANARAB race at DOSC on the 27th November aimed to increase the awareness of the various disciplines developed by the Arab Civilization throughout the Middle Ages. As the sailing got underway, this season’s race focused on navigation.

It is a well known fact that the Arabs in the Middle Ages had advanced knowledge in mathematics, astronomy and cartography and the combination of such sciences allowed them to have a competitive advantage in sailing the seas.

The secrets of the winds and the currents that the Arabs had been collected since Phoenician times accustomed them to travelling in the Mediterranean sea and Indian ocean. One of the innovations in navigation was the introduction of the triangular sail or lateen, which enabled sailing with the wind at an angle, and therefore easier to maneuver the ship. Square sails were widely used, but depended on the wind to be behind the ship. Combining square and triangular sails enabled the Spanish explorers to sail west in search of the new world, and the Portuguese explorers to sail east following the footsteps of the Arab mariners reaching China.

The new sailing explorers travelled the seas around the world, and the ESPANARAB honoured their bravery during the second “Dubai World Island” race. At the end of the race, Wafi delighted both the sailors and keen followers with the aromatic and scrumptious traditional ‘Paella’ indeed, another delightful Arab legacy.

Congratulations to the winners Sovereign in IRC class 1, Boracic in IRC 2, Kadaitcha in IRC 3 and Shockwave in the Club class. It was great to see 14 boats participate in the Club class this year.

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