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Kings Parade

The Three Wise Men depart from Dubai!!!


ESPANARAB continues organizing the Kings' Parade for the 10th consecutive year, with the aim to bring a truly magical night to all, children and adults in UAE. This year the venue changed and Sevilles in Wafi Mall will host the King's Parade 2017.

Following one of the most significant traditions in Spain, the Kings' Parade is also celebrated in Dubai, embracing all nationalities.

The Three Wise Kings travel across the desert with their Royal Entourage and arrive to Dubai, transforming the night into the most magical and captivated moments of the year. The Kings bring us all kindness, humanity and wisdom in the form of given the children free gifts, yes free gifts!

The Kings' Parade takes place thanks more than 70 volunteers from diferent nationalities interested in learning about the Spanish and Arab cultures, under the leadership of its founder, Cristina Cabrejas, who year after year, and with great enthusiasm has made this dream parade come true.

The Kings' Parade is now the biggest gathering of Spaniards in Dubai, and as in previous years, the number of visitors keep doubling making this, the largest fantasy event in Dubai.

Espanarab children book about the magical story of the Three Wise Men in Dubai

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