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Designed by Rodrigo Suarez -

The founder

When I was a little girl growing up in Spain, I was fascinated by the stories we used to hear about the Arabs coming to Spain and bringing silk, gold, perfumes, spices, finesse and wisdom from the exotic Arab world and its enchanting desert. The more I learnt about the Arabs, the more captivated I was, and dreamt one day to see the desert, so different from our cold forest in Castilla.

Indeed, Spain absorbed the Arab civilization and its progress on different scientific disciplines becoming the greatest nation in Europe, discovering a new continent, America, and propagating the new advances in technology, medicine, architecture, horticulture and all aspects of life, philosophy, gastronomy, music, literature. This legacy represents the foundation of our modern world, what a mesmerizing concept, I thought. History and art become my favourite hobbies.

My dream came true when destiny brought me to the desert of UAE in 2001.

I still remembered then my wonderful childhood days, when we all waited for the "3 Wise Men”, The 3 Kings to come from the desert with camels to bring us presents.

Cristina Cabrejas Artola founder

The streets of all cities in Spain come to a halt that night, year after year. A tradition celebrated for hundreds of years, every January 5th.

Then I thought.... why not bring the same fantasy to Dubai? This is the home of the Kings, the desert, their camels, the incense, the gold and the myrr!.

That was the beginning of Espanarab.

I started with a crazy idea (so everyone was eager to tell me) and organized the King’ Parade in 2008, hosted by Jumeirah Souq Madinat.

As the years went by and the Parade became more popular attracting nearly 1,000 people, I felt confident enough to promote other events that distinguished the Arab legacy in our daily lives.

In March 2011, we made the 1st Mathematics tournament in Seville’s Wafi.

In November 2011, under the Navigation umbrella we started the 1st World Race Island in Dubai, hosted from DOSC (Dubai Offshore Sailing Club).

I will continue to follow my dream and share it with the diverse community in UAE – so far, all I receive is gratitude and encouragement to continue developing ESPANARAB, presenting through cultural events, the beauty and enlighment of the Arab world.

Thank you for your support and best wishes to all.

Cristina Cabrejas